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Just a torpedo sinker with hooks?
Battle Angler Luminous Glow Double Ring Torpedo Lead Weight Sinker (Size: 4oz / 5 Pack) - Hero Outdoors
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BLUEWING 16oz Torpedo Sinker 2pcs Fishing Weight Sinkers Saltwater Bullet Lead Fishing Sinkers Double Ringed Fishing Weights for Bottom Fishing
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Swimerz Bulk Pack Torpedo Trolling Sinker, 4 sizes, Qty 58 – Blue
Agio Baits Torpedo Break Away Sinker – Jacita Bait & Tackle
Swimerz Torpedo Trolling Sinker Pack, Lead Assorted sizes. Pack Qty 68
Battle Angler Luminous Glow Double Ring Torpedo Lead Weight Sinker
Torpedo Two - Ring Fishing Sinker, Double - Ring Fishing Sinker, Great for Bottom Fishing,5 Pcs/Pack,You Will Receive A 2.1oz(60g) Single-Ring Fishing Sinker Lead As A Gift: Buy Online at Best Price
2.5 Oz Inline Trolling Torpedo Sinker 25 Pieces